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Black trousers Ganveri (Black)

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Color Black
Composition 65% ne, 30% viscose, 5% elastane
Brand Ganveri

Classic straight knee-high trousers. Fasten with the fly end and the buttons on the vtechny belt. On the front halves of the trousers 2 side functional pockets. On the back halves of trousers there are 2 functional pockets with leaflets.

Country fabric manufacturer: Italy


Care instructions:

1.Care for women's trousers begins with their proper storage. Before sending the pants to the closet, if there is some dirt and dust, lightly walk on them with a clothes brush, it is better to use natural hair brushes. It is not recommended to use clips with adhesive tape, as they may leave adhesive marks on the fabric. For trousers, you should use special hangers, which are equipped with clothespins, exciting the lower edge of the pants. As a result, pants take on the necessary shape under the action of their weight. If you use a regular coat hanger, hang your pants neatly, without wrinkles, which can be very difficult to iron out afterwards. Remember that there should be a distance between clothes hangers in the wardrobe so that your clothes “breathe” and do not crease.
2.Fabric from viscose when wetting usually loses durability. It is recommended to wash it at a temperature of up to 40 ° C by hand.
3. It is recommended not to overdry the pants, and iron them a little wet. Ironing pants should be a good iron, which has a special protective surface. Pants should begin to iron the inside out - seams, pockets and lining. Then, on the front side, through the dense, clean, damp cloth, first the belt and the upper part. Then the pants should be folded so that the stepping and side seams and front darts coincide. Pants are ironed first from the inside of the pants and then from the outside. Pressed trousers should hang slightly.

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