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Neoprene jacket Ganveri (Navy blue)

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Size table
Color Navy blue
Size S/M
Composition 100% Polyester
Brand Ganveri

Neoprene jacket with a sizable collar. Separable two-sided zipper in the item is both functional and decorative. The fabric makes the product not only stylish but also wear-resistant because of its quality to keep the body temperature, strength and elasticity. At the bottom of the sleeve, collar edge and at the bottom of the item a decorative stitching is given.

Country manufacturer of fabric: Italy.


Care recommendations:

Neoprene differs from other kinds of fabric in its strength and durability. The fabric practically doesn`t crease and deform. It keeps warmth well and ensures comfort while wearing and using. It is water and sun proof, resistant to frosts and temperature changes. It is an ecological material that doesn`t cause allergy. While cleaning neoprene you mustn`t use bleaches, stain removers or other aggressive washing agents! It`s also important to keep some rules while taking care of neoprene products.

While taking care of neoprene it is forbidden:

  1. Wash and dry things in a washing machine;
  2. To wash the item in hot water ;
  3. To wash the items often;
  4. To use aggressive agents, bleaches, stain removers, containing chlorine and acids;
  5. To drain the fabric;
  6. To iron and steam;
  7. To dry items vertically;
  8. To dry near or on heating devices.

For washing use cool water 30-40 degrees and a solution of minced soap and shampoo for neoprene things. You can also use some neutral detergent for washing, without bleaches and aggressive additives.

Put the item into water and leave for 10-20 minutes. A great advantage of neoprene is that it doesn`t shrink after washing. After that wash the item with your hands on both sides as it`s waterproof material. First wash exterior, than inner side and after that wash once again.

During washing rinse the items carefully in cool water and leave them for 20 minutes in a clean bath. During this time the extra moisture will run away and you can dry the item. You should dry neoprene only horizontally far from heating devices.

Find well aired room or fresh air for drying. You should put the items on a flat horizontal surface, smooth fabric out with your hands, remove every strip and fold. Leave the item until complete drying from time to time smoothing the fabric out and pulling the edges. You needn`t iron neoprene! While drying correctly it gets its original shape itself.

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