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Knitted tunic with organza sleeve Ganveri (gray)

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Color gray
Composition 30% cotton, 30% viscose, 27% ne, 3% elastane
Brand Ganveri

Lightweight jacket tunic straight cut. Length to mid-thigh. The sleeve is made of translucent organza, Raglan-type with a decorative armhole shifted to the center of the item. The bottom of the sleeves and products collected on the cuffs. The clasp is made in the form of two-way metal zipper.

The product is sewn with closed linen seams, which is not only a good aesthetic indicator, but also adds additional strength to the product and prevents deformation during washing.

Country of fabric manufacturer: Italy


Care instructions:

Wash knitwear made of cotton, wool, chemical fibers and their mixtures should be in warm water up to 40 ° C in a soap solution, using mild detergents specifically designed for washing knitwear, otherwise deformation and shrinking of things may occur. When washing in a washing machine, put on a gentle, delicate wash.
It is advisable to wash any knit by hand and compress, rather than rub, otherwise pellets may appear on it.
When washing knitwear, you can not use detergents containing all types of bleach, bioadditives (enzymes), alkalis and their compounds, colored granules.
Products that are different in color must be washed separately from each other, as villi from one product may stick to another product, and subsequent cleaning will be time consuming.
It is not recommended to soak the product for a long time, no more than 20 minutes. Water should be cool, because in hot water knitwear sits down and falls.
Rinse knit need to first in warm and then in cold water.
Pressing jerseys should be gently, not twisting. It is recommended to briefly wrap the product in a dry towel or sheet.
To dry knitwear need to straightened form on a horizontal surface at room temperature. Hanging jerseys is not recommended, as they can stretch and lose shape.
It is necessary to iron knitwear from the wrong side and in the direction of the loops with a moderately heated iron no more than 110 ° C.
Knitwear has a looped structure, so when wet, you can slightly change the linear dimensions: lengthen or shorten the sleeves, change the length of the product.
Due to improper care of knitwear, they often form lumps of felled fibers - pellets. It is best to remove the pellets with a special brush or with a special pilling machine.

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