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Peach knit dress with open shoulder Ganveri (Peach)

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Color Peach
Composition 70% wool, 20% polyester, 10% angora
Brand Ganveri

Dress on the figure, above the knee. Neck round shape. Sleeve free assembled on the cuff. The left shoulder is open. There is no clasp, the dress is worn due to the elasticity of the material.

Country fabric manufacturer: Italy

Care instructions:

Woolen items do not need to be washed often. To refresh the product, post it once a week on the balcony. Fresh air and frost quickly neutralize the unpleasant smell and give freshness. Manual washing of wool or a special “wool” mode in a washing machine is ideal for gentle cleansing. To avoid deforming the shape of the product, it is important not to wash the wool in hot water. Such threads are very capricious and do not tolerate temperature changes and hot liquid.
To clean the product from wool, it does not need to soak. Washing should be done quickly and carefully. Proper rinsing is of paramount importance. It should be repeated several times to completely get rid of soap suds. At the final stage, we recommend adding a fabric softener to the water. Carefully remove the water from the clothes with your palms and wrap the thing in a terry towel. Slightly squeeze and spread out on a flat surface for drying.

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