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Mint dress with decorative cuts Ganveri (Mint)

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Color Mint
Composition 54% linen, 46% cotton
Brand Ganveri

A dress of a semi-adjacent silhouette from natural flax. On the bodice and on the back there is a detachable detail selected due to the edging. On the upper part of the back and bodice are decorative cuts. Sleeve length 3/4. Dress length above the knee. A fastener on a back - a secret lightning. All sections inside are made with premium processing.

Country fabric manufacturer: Germany

Care instructions:
It is important to know that lightweight, eco-friendly, and such nice flax can lose all its properties, if you erase it with powder, which contains aggressive ingredients. It is best to use "Powders for delicate wash."
Preferably handwash or wash in a delicate mode in a washing machine. In no case do not use chlorine, from it flax fibers lose their strength. For washing white clothes from flax, you can only use oxygen bleach. Do not use bleach for colored linen products!
After washing, be sure to rinse the product thoroughly. Water temperature should not exceed 30-40 degrees. Otherwise, flax will sit down strongly, and the paint may be washed out of its fibers.
After washing, it is best to drain the water, straighten the product and hang it in a well-ventilated place, but so that the sun does not fall on it. Do not allow flax to dry completely; its fibers will become brittle.
In order to smooth flax, you need to use an iron with a humidifier or special manual sprinklers. The iron should be as hot as possible. But, you should not iron flax until dry, it is better to leave it slightly moist and hang for a while to dry.

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