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Eyelet dress Ganveri (White)

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Size table
Color White
Composition 100% cotton
Brand Ganveri

It's a dress of a slimline silhouette. There are flounces sewn in the princess line of bodice, that make the dress look more frisky and coquettish. The product is made of eyelet batiste. The waist is accentuated with the sewn-in waistband. The constructive lines are decorated with white cotton edging. The clasp is made on the back, in the form of a blind zipper.

The skirt has a panelling design. The product inside has a premium edge-processing with a cotton band, and also is sewn with closed seams, which is not only a good aesthetic indicator, but also adds extra durability to the product and prevents deformation during washing.


Care recommendations:

  1. Cotton clothes are recommended to be washed in a warm water at a temperature of 30-40 degrees. When hand washing is not available the delicate cycle on your machine is preferred. Coloured things are better to be washed with the powder marked “Colour”. It's inadvisable to use the detergent with any bleaching agent, also the unit shouldn't be bleached.
  2. Another concern of caring for 100% cotton clothes is the loss of the dye in which the fabric’s color originates. This can easily be preserved if certain precautions in the washing process are adhered to. The leading path to prevent not only the loss of the dye in the cotton cloth but also a small amount of shrinkage is to wash 100% cotton fabric items in cold water. For rinsing you could use salted water (1 tsp. of salt per 10l of water).
  3. If the product is slightly dyed, soak it in hot water with the addition of soda and leave for 10 – 12 hours, then wash and rinse it several times.
  4. Use dryer only in case if it's recommended by manufacturer. If you dry the product outdoors, it is important to keep in mind that in the bright sun the fabrics may burn out and the negative temperatures may cause bleaching, which is not desirable for colored and black products.
  5. Ironing is no less important process, which also needs to know some subtleties. The cotton is better to be ironed, while it's wet, on the front side and if the fabric has an embroidery or print it's recommended to iron inside out.
  6. High temperature ironing is allowed.
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