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Classic Jacket Ganveri (Red)

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Size table
Color Red
Size S
Composition 65% PE, 30% Viscose, 5% elastane. Lining: 50% acetate silk, 50% viscose
Brand Ganveri

Women's jacket semi-fitted silhouette, with a turn-down collar with lapels, lined. Length 65cm. On the front and back of the product, the reliefs are made to fit and have a beautiful fit. Buttoned. Sleeve two-sutural with slot On the front shelves are two functional pockets in the frame.

Country fabric manufacturer: Italy.


Care instructions:

If after the socks, folds, creases, or other visual defects form on the fabric, the jacket should be hung on the hanger. Beforehand, remove heavy objects from the pockets, as the product deforms under their weight.
Dampness is the enemy of a fabric product. Store the jacket should be in a ventilated room, a spacious closet. In the dressing room which is densely stuffed with things, the thing is deformed and absorbs foreign aromas. A cotton case is the perfect choice. The air circulates well inside it. Polyethylene cover, not the best option - there is no fresh air, which increases the chances of mold and moth.
When worn daily, the fabric of the jacket accumulates particles of dust, dirt, epithelium and other contaminants. Of course, under these conditions, the thing must be cleaned. It is necessary to do this with a natural bristle brush. Use a roller with adhesive tape, you need to be careful, there is a chance that the clothes will remain traces of glue.
There are many ways to remove stains at home. Various solvents, stain removers, ammonia and plain water are used. Bear in mind that the chemical components may change color, disrupt the structure and smoothness of the fabric. Getting rid of pollution yourself, keep in mind that there is a chance to spoil the thing. Therefore, if you are not confident in your abilities, entrust the task to professionals. It is advisable not to give the item a dry cleaning service more than once every three months.
Some things in order to have a “fresh” look, just hang a little on the hangers. Not all fabrics have such properties. The crumpled product needs to be ironed. In order not to allow a hot iron to damage the jacket, it is recommended to use a Teflon nozzle or a special mesh. It is important to adjust the temperature! High - deforms not only the lining, but also the product itself. Low - will not bring results. To start ironing, you need from the pockets, then go to the sleeves, and only after that move to the shoulders, back and front racks. Remember - the shoulders, collar and lapels are first ironed from the wrong side.
Smoothing steam wrinkles, one of the best options. The flow of hot humid air not only smoothes out all the folds and wrinkles, but also significantly eliminates odors. During the steaming procedure, hang the jacket on a coat hanger or put it on a mannequin.

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