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Organza blouse Ganveri (Black)

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Size table
Color Black
Size S
Composition 100% пе
Brand Ganveri

Blouse from translucent organza with a slightly flared sleeve. Round neck with untreated cut. On a back a fastener on a button.

Country fabric manufacturer: Italy


Care instructions:

The body should not be rubbed or crushed excessively, the fibers will shift and you can say goodbye to the perfect attractive appearance of the product. Therefore, all efforts should be made to ensure that the organza after washing remains perfectly flat and smooth.

Handwash. Washing powder is better to use without bleach, rinse or any extra additives.

During the washing of the organza, even the weakest soap solution turns into a solid foam, due to the fabric structure. That is why you should give preference to powders, calculated for machine wash, they do not foam excessively.

Organza does not tolerate rude treatment. It can not be pulled and lifted when it is wet, you can not squeeze, twist and rub. It remains only to compress it like a sponge so that the soap solution constantly penetrates the fabric. 2-3 minutes is enough to wrinkle the cloth to clean it from dirt. Next, rinse thing. To do this, the soap solution is drained and clean water is poured, then, again squeezing the thing, the solution is washed out. Finally, wash off the remnants of powder or soap will help running water and shower.

Ironing organza with steam.

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