It is always very exciting ... To present a new collection that has been so reverently and so reverently created for our beloved clients, friends, and loved ones.
I just want all these dresses, skirts, jackets, lace, beautiful treatments inside, the quality we have worked on for many days and nights ... with the same strong love every one of you took!
For me, this is a special collection ... And even difficult to explain why. Just feel and want you to feel. ❤️
We did a lot of cool filming (which you will see soon), for a long time our whole team thought about when it would be best to present it. And now they felt that it was about time. I really want you to start a new life in these clothes. And that is why it was unanimously decided to make you fall in love with her precisely on the eve of the New Year. When you consciously say goodbye to everything old and go to the meeting of a new life, in a new image.

With great love and special feeling inside, I present to you a new collection created by me and our wonderful team Ganveri!


On the shooting worked:
: Сергей Ковбасюк
Make-up / hairstyle: Натали Карпенко
Models: Nastya Metritskaya, @ ka.chernyavskaya

Many thanks for the provided shoes for shooting: Gimmy Zucchini